Rehabilitative Medicine

Physical and rehabilitative medicine has served a unique role for the U.S. military since the Civil War. The complexity of injuries sustained by service members requires coordinated interdisciplinary care across a wide spectrum of medical specialties that Geneva manages in order to promote functional recovery and quality of life.

Geneva collaborates on rehabilitative medicine research at military facilities including Brooke Army Medical Center, Keller Army Community Hospital, Madigan Army Medical Center, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Naval Medical Center San Diego, Uniformed Services University, United States Military Academy at West Point, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, William Beaumont Army Medical Center, and Womack Army Medical Center.



Geneva’s rehabilitative medicine researchers have vast experience in developing protocols that have been adopted by all branches of the military, including:

  • Ability to work across the full continuum of care
  • Access to novel, first-of-its-kind technology for research prior to commercial release
  • Collaboration with world class clinicians and scientists who offer subject matter expertise, study design support, and protocol execution
  • Demonstrated track record of grant funding through intramural and extramural applications
  • Established processes for regulatory compliance and data management which has been recognized as the gold standard at several military facilities
  • High level of engagement from a unique population
  • Longitudinal studies with access to robust outcomes-based data
  • Partnerships with 25+ military and academic organizations to ensure timely completion of clinical trials
  • Utilization of Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) systems

Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation Research for Operational Readiness

The Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation Research for Operational Readiness (MIRROR) delivers high-value research, education, and training providing the infrastructure to execute clinically relevant musculoskeletal injury studies within the Military Health System. MIRROR supports clinically relevant research to advance optimal treatment and rehabilitation from musculoskeletal injuries sustained during on and off battlefield injuries that impact readiness and the ability to return to duty.

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Geneva Expertise

Featured Researcher
Brad Isaacson, PhD, MBA, MSF, PMP

Dr. Isaacson and his team are assembling critical infrastructure, operational, and research through the MIRROR program to advance treatment and preventative care for musculoskeletal injuries.

Featured Program
MDORP: Mobile Device Outcomes-Based Rehabilitation

MDORP’s Expansion Initiative will grow the nationwide tele-rehabilitation platform, develop innovative lower-limb orthopedic technology, and improve the walkability of service members and veterans.

Featured Program
USU-4DBio3 Osteochondral Program

Under the USU-4DBio3: 4-Defense Biotechnology, Biomanufacturing, and Bioprinting Center, Geneva researchers are studying cartilage regeneration for possible treatment of osteoarthritis.


Research Indications

Geneva has diverse experience in managing rehabilitative medicine programs in indications including:

Blast Injury
Combat Casualty Care
Clinical Assessments
Chronic Pain
Hearing and Balance
Heterotopic Ossification
Limb Pain
Spasticity Management
Spine-Related Pain