Operational Medicine

The strength of our Nation’s defense is dependent upon the relentless focus on the health, preparation, and resilience of our service members. In order to meet the mission of the current and future operational requirements of our Military Health System, Geneva synchronizes military medical research and expands partnerships for optimal warfighter readiness.

Geneva collaborates on operational medicine research at federal laboratories and military treatment facilities including: National Cancer Institute, Tripler Army Medical Center, Landstuhl Regional Army Medical Center, Naval Health Research Center, and Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center.


Geneva takes a holistic research approach to maximize warfighter readiness, health, and performance. Our goal is to accelerate advancements in operational medicine through research that optimizes military human performance, revolutionizes warfighter readiness, and advances treatment effectiveness, injury prevention, and sustainment of the service member.

Geneva researchers are engaged in research efforts that address:

  • Advancements in sleep to maintain combat readiness and unit performance
  • Human Performance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Non-invasive sensory technologies
  • Nutrition
  • Psychological health and resilience
  • Psychological and environmental monitoring
  • Real-time genetic sequencing to diagnose infectious agents
  • Ruggedized bio-warfare detection

Featured Program

The Fort Bragg Research Institute (FBRI) is a collaborative effort between Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, and Geneva that provides world-class research support focused on the operational needs of the warfighter.

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Geneva Expertise

Researcher of the Year
MAJ (Ret.) Mary McCarthy, PhD

MAJ (Ret.) Dr. McCarthy is Senior Nurse Scientist at Madigan Army Medical Center. Her research focuses on the vital role of nutrition in the overall health of service members.

Featured Program
Hearing Center of Excellence

The HCE optimizes operational effectiveness, medical readiness, and quality of life through collaborative leadership and advocacy for hearing and balance health initiatives.

Featured Program

The Noise Outcomes in Service Members Epidemiology (NOISE) study aims to reduce hearing loss and tinnitus in the military through the study of noise and chemical exposures.


Research Areas

Geneva has diverse experience in managing warfighter readiness programs in areas including:

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Biological Diagnostics & Intervention
Dental & Oral Health
Evidence-Based Practice
Operational Medicine
Otolaryngology (ENT)
Pain Management
Personal Health Readiness
Virtual Reality
Women’s Health