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Geneva has the expertise needed to facilitate technology transfer, research development, product commercialization, and further refinement of knowledge products within the military and civilian sectors.

Geneva creates links between industry, academia, government, and non-profit stakeholders to encourage cross-functional sharing and engagement, reduce and eliminate challenges, and spearhead innovation. We recognize the unique interests of research and development teams and tailors our engagement accordingly. Stakeholders have roles in every aspect of product development, providing new solutions to unmet clinical needs.


Geneva is adept at navigating the intricacies of government acquisitions and the military medical research environment, including negotiating Intellectual Property (IP) terms and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs). Geneva strives to build and accelerate the pathway to commercialization, putting it into the hands of end-users.

Geneva’s experts engage with research teams to develop and implement plans for:

  • Product development
  • Manufacturing
  • Clinical translation
  • Regulatory support
  • Product launch
  • Commercialization strategies


Geneva quickly enables the rapid introduction of new products based on industry needs and technology solutions for product goals to the marketplace. Geneva has demonstrated past performance in the following areas: Idea Generation, Research & Development, Technology Roadmapping, Proof of Concept Testing, Clinical Translation, Commercialization, and Robust Program Management.

Tech Transfer Case Study


Geneva has worked with Theradaptive, Inc., a privately-held biotechnology company focused on regenerative medicine technology, on getting their therapeutic platform into the clinic since 2017. The company’s founder is a 20-year Army veteran and MIT alumnus retired LTC Luis Alvarez, PhD. LTC Alvarez developed the platform technology during active duty.

In this Case Study, you will find:

  • The role of tech transfer in the military
  • Theradaptive’s impact on healthcare
  • Geneva’s tech transfer capabilities
  • Map of military treatment facilities Geneva is working with to advance regenerative medicine

    Tech Transfer Case Study

    Wearable Life-Support Technology: The CROSS System

    Geneva’s dedication to pioneering medical technologies is exemplified by the recent patent issuance of the Combat Resuscitation Organ Support System (CROSS), a wearable life-support vest. Developed by Dr. Andriy Batchinsky and the Autonomous Reanimation and Evacuation (AREVA) Research Program team, CROSS represents a breakthrough in battlefield and civilian trauma care.

    This innovative system integrates lung and renal support into a compact, wearable device, providing crucial support where traditional machines cannot reach. Its development underscores Geneva’s role in advancing technologies from concept through to protected intellectual property, enhancing care in critical environments.