Our Capabilities

Strengthen Research Collaborations

across government, industry, and academia

Geneva has the unique capabilities and experience in research management to catalyze scientific and technical innovation through multidisciplinary partnerships. Our holistic approach maintains a quality, efficient, relationship-driven value proposition that provides the researcher with the tools needed to produce exceptional research.


Generate a Winning Proposal

in areas of federal grants and contracts

Geneva’s extensive knowledge and expertise within the military medical research community ensures a robust and competitive proposal submission. Geneva serves as an active partner in the proposal development process, and our pre-award support is offered at no cost to investigators.


Accelerate Complex Programs

in areas of critical and global importance

Geneva serves as a partner alongside researchers, their teams, and collaborators in advancing solutions that address the needs of the warfighter, the DoD, and the larger medical community. We build multidisciplinary networks of academia, government, and industry stakeholders to ensure the success and sustainability of the program.


Manage Your Research

through customized program management

Geneva manages federally and industry funded research programs worldwide, to include research grants, federal contracts, cooperative agreements, multi-center clinical trials, congressional special interest programs, and multi-center research consortiums.


Translate Your Research

into commercial and knowledge products

Geneva has the expertise needed to facilitate the commercialization of research and knowledge products within the United States. Introducing a new product or production method into market can be complicated, but Geneva’s experts are capable to successfully navigate this process in collaboration with research teams.


Geneva Expertise

Geneva’s demonstrated expertise with various types of research includes:

  • Basic research
  • Device studies
  • Drug development
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Feasibility studies
  • Human subjects research
  • Intervention studies
  • Pilot projects
  • Pre-clinical research
  • Outcome studies