Educational Services

Geneva has a longstanding commitment to training the next generation of military medical leaders.

Our collaborations with military treatment facilities, federal laboratories, respected organizations, and researchers offer educational and training opportunities that reflect a range of medical disciplines and military-focused research interests.


Geneva partners with researchers, academia, and industry to create thriving learning environments that facilitate success. Geneva works in collaboration with military treatment facilities and military universities in several research areas to drive knowledge-based research forward.

Driving Knowledge-Based Research

ICU equipment

Partnering with Academia to Advance Combat Care

The Autonomous Reanimation and Evacuation (AREVA) laboratory pioneers advanced life-saving treatments in partnership with like-minded institutions and organizations while mentoring and preparing a dedicated team for lifelong careers in medicine.

Training Bioengineers of the Future

Geneva employees working at USU-4D Bio3 Center for Biotechnology are preparing the military’s biotechnology workforce for the future by supplementing bioengineering education at military service academies.


Streamlining Clinical Practice Guidelines

The Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation Research for Operational Readiness (MIRROR) program has standardized post-operative rehabilitation protocols across the tri-services.


Translating Bench-Based Science into Solutions

The Clinician Scientist Investigator Opportunity Network (CSION) at Joint Base San Antonio provides training for clinician-scientists and enhances the likelihood that bench-based science will translate into field-based solutions and clinical practices.



In 2016, Geneva and Jonas Philanthropies partnered to create a joint scholarship that funds doctoral nursing candidates seeking to improve healthcare for veterans and military personnel. Geneva’s commitment to nursing research is deeply rooted in the organization’s history beginning with the organization’s founder, Jane Taylor, a former nurse.

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