Academic Partners

Geneva partners with prominent academic institutions and universities to support scientific research advancements within military treatment facilities (MTFs) and federal laboratories. Geneva can facilitate access to military health researchers who are interested in jointly developing new programs of research to advance the care of service members and their families, veterans, and the broader public.

Our partnerships allow collaborators to break new ground in research. Including academic partners in military medical research is a value-add to the Federal government and it ensures that the findings are translated into civilian medicine. Geneva’s ability to serve as a bridge for academic institutions to work with military researchers has broad application, within and outside of the military.


Geneva has the unique expertise to navigate the Military Health System and has built sustained relationships at many MTFs nationwide. Geneva has experience partnering with a wide range of academic institutions, serving much like an Office of Sponsored Programs for military sites and researchers. Geneva has in-depth knowledge of DoD funding mechanisms such as CDMRP, SOCOM BAA, MRDC, and BAA to ensure the application is submitted on time and in a compliant manner.


Performance Capabilities

  • Access to robust network of MTFs nationwide
  • Bench-to-bedside expertise
  • Creation of knowledge products
  • Comprehensive regulatory expertise
  • Extensive multidisciplinary partner networks
  • Incubating clinical trials networks
  • Marketing and promotion of research successes
  • Recruiting highly technical and skilled personnel
  • Patient recruitment
  • Ability to support both novice and experienced researchers


Geneva manages the administrative tasks associated with proposal development so the investigator team can focus on submitting a programmatically responsive application. Once awarded, Geneva submits regulatory packages, drafts CRADAs, hires employees to work on-site, procures supplies, and navigates all other post-award matters in compliance with the award terms and conditions and federal regulations.


Geneva provides access to specialized equipment, laboratories, and experts who are scientific leaders in a particular field of interest. Geneva brings industry access to subject matter experts with innovative approaches, perspectives, and diverse ideas to enhance your research goals. Working with Geneva facilitates access to robust DoD databases and registries filled with information on such topics as environmental health surveillance, trauma, suicide surveillance, and cancer. Geneva can also facilitate access to BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories for vector-borne infectious disease research.


The military medical community offers a diverse research population of active-duty personnel, their families, and veterans. Military populations are representative of the diseases and conditions that occur in the civilian community as well as those that are unique to members of military service.

Military principal investigators bring unique skill sets and perspectives including expertise in research areas such as trauma care, human performance, and emerging infectious diseases. Working with military researchers provides access to technical resources and state-of-the-art facilities to enable cutting-edge research.