Female Service Member Health and Readiness

Since the integration of women into the armed forces in 1948, there has been limited medical research specifically focused on female service members.

Geneva recognizes the vital contributions of women in the armed forces and their distinct health challenges, we are prioritizing research initiatives aimed at improving the well-being and readiness of female service members. Through collaborative partnerships and evidence-based interventions, we strive to enhance the quality of care and support available to women in the military.


Key areas of medical research that the DoD identifies as needing exploration to meet the needs of female service members:

Deployment Health: Examining the unique health considerations for female service members during deployment, including the effects of environmental exposures, infectious diseases, and operational stressors on women’s health and well-being.

Family and Caregiving Responsibilities: Exploring the impact of family and caregiving responsibilities on the health and readiness of female service members, as well as identifying supportive policies and programs to assist military families and caregivers.

Gender-specific Healthcare Needs: Addressing gender-specific healthcare needs, such as gynecological care, breast health, menopause management, and hormonal health, to ensure comprehensive and effective healthcare delivery for female service members

Musculoskeletal Injuries: Investigating the factors contributing to the higher rates of musculoskeletal injuries among female service members, as well as developing targeted interventions to prevent and treat these injuries effectively.

Psychological Health: Studying the psychological resilience of female service members in the face of combat-related stressors, deployment-related trauma, and other mental health challenges, with a focus on developing strategies to promote resilience and well-being.

Reproductive Health: Understanding and addressing the unique reproductive health needs of female service members, including prenatal care, contraception, fertility preservation, and pregnancy-related complications.

Sexual Trauma and Assault: Researching the prevalence and impact of sexual trauma and assault within the military female population, as well as identifying effective prevention and intervention strategies to support survivors and prevent future incidents.

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The Fort Liberty Research Institute

The Fort Liberty Research Institute (FLRI) is dedicated solely to research supporting the capability of the warfighter in areas including human performance, sustainment, traumatic brain injury, and the female Warfighter. FLRI was formed in 2018 as a collaborative effort between Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Liberty, and The Geneva Foundation.

Fort Liberty Research Institute