Fort Liberty Research Institute

Soldier-Tested Solutions

The Fort Liberty Research Institute (FLRI) is dedicated solely to research supporting the capability of the warfighter in areas including human performance, sustainment, traumatic brain injury, and the female Warfighter. FLRI was formed in 2018 as a collaborative effort between Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Liberty, and The Geneva Foundation.

Program Mission: To optimize military human performance through scientific innovation and enduring partnerships with military commands, research investigators, and their collaborators.


FLRI at a Glance

The Fort Liberty Research Institute is proud of its growth over the past year. Check out some key areas of growth and data points in this infographic.

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Why Work with FLRI

Stay Informed, Protect Investments, Reduce Redundancies

FLRI supports innovative medical research toward optimizing military human performance, based on the needs of warfighting Commands, providing project management and continuity ensuring that tangible, functional solutions are delivered to the Warfighter. FLRI keeps Commanders informed about research efforts across their installation and across the Services helping to reduce redundant efforts, ensuring that research funds are invested wisely. The institute works to ensure that warfighting units’ validated gaps and requirements are vigorously and comprehensively addressed by the scientific community.

FLRI's Unique Approach

Strategic Outreach

Provide strategic direction for the types of knowledge and products required to support Warfighters. By taking research out of the clinic, FLRI operationalizes it in partnership with the Warfighter.

Program Operations

Manage and coordinate human performance research and related activities on behalf of Commanders.

Program Growth

Connect ongoing human performance research programs, such as MIRROR and 4D Bio3, and manage funding efforts to support additional donor-funded research.

Project Delivery

Leverage existing relationships with federal agencies, industry, academia, and other nonprofit institutions to connect Commanders to world-class researchers and research resources.

FLRI Leadership

Army Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Stephen DeLellis, PA-C is a proven leader, mentor, researcher, and driving force in military operational medicine. With a long and decorated career spanning 36 years in uniform and more than 16 combat deployments in six conflicts, he has dedicated his career to caring for America’s elite warriors on far-forward battlefields. LTC (Ret.) DeLellis is the Executive Director of the Fort Liberty Research Institute and Senior Technical Advisor for The Geneva Foundation.

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FLRI Collaborations

FLRI and Geneva are honored to be a founding member of the North Carolina Center for Optimizing Military Performance (NC-COMP). NC-COMP is comprised of more than 90 North Carolina-based academic, industry, nonprofit, and state government organizations, in collaboration with the DoD operational units and funding agencies, in order to deliver world-class human performance solutions to the DoD.

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