Ethics & Corporate Responsibility

Our Values

Geneva sets itself apart by offering all partners a high level of service and expertise through a commitment to shared values of Integrity, Superior Customer Service, Quality, Innovation, Teamwork, and Respect For All.

Operational Readiness Soldiers

Ethical Overview

Geneva values and upholds the highest ethical and professional standards in all of our working relationships. Geneva has a responsibility to conduct its activities ethically and in compliance with federal, state, and local laws; regulations; and corporate standards. Our organization fosters visionary governance, exemplary management, excellent service and program delivery, and exceptional employees. Geneva’s services and programs are consistent with our stated mission and our employees are required to act honestly and maintain ethical work standards.

Looking into the future

Geneva maintains the broader public interest as we advance our mission. We look for opportunities to partner with those in the private and public sectors and maintain the expectation that all Geneva representatives conduct themselves with honesty and integrity to safeguard Geneva’s solid reputation.