Geneva-Jonas Joint Scholarship

In 2016, Geneva and Jonas Philanthropies partnered to create a joint scholarship that funds doctoral candidates seeking to improve healthcare for veterans and military personnel. Geneva-Jonas Scholars join an elite group of over 1,250 Jonas Scholars in all 50 states.

Geneva and Jonas are committed to supporting nursing leaders who are spearheading critical research for the greatest healthcare issues facing our military. Geneva’s commitment to nursing research is deeply rooted in the organization’s history beginning with the organization’s founder, Jane Taylor, a former nurse.

Geneva-Jonas Scholars

Geneva-Jonas Scholars are among 330 scholars in the Jonas Nursing and Veterans Healthcare Program – all of whom are at the frontlines of medical, emotional, psychological, and rehabilitative care for U.S. veterans.

  • 2016 JONAS-GENEVA WINNER PhD Candidate Tamar U. Rodney, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC, matched by Johns Hopkins University, for research focused on identifying biomarkers to aid in the screening process for PTSD in veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • 2018 JONAS-GENEVA WINNER PhD Candidate Lisa Perla, MSN, RN, FNP, CNRN, CRRN and CDR, matched by Uniformed Services University, for research focused on understanding how VA case managers function as leaders or in leadership roles in the Veterans Administration.
  • 2018 JONAS-GENEVA WINNER PhD Candidate CDR Melissa R. Troncoso, MSN, NPC, CHWC, matched by Uniformed Services University, for research to better understand factors associated with weight management and nutrition among military personnel and veterans.
  • 2021 JONAS-GENEVA WINNER PhD Candidate Stacy Dolan, RN, matched by University of Minnesota, for research to better understand the longitudinal effects of nutritional intake on cognitive health and brain function.


What is a Jonas Scholar?

The Jonas Scholar is a signature program of Jonas Philanthropies which has supported more than 1,250 doctoral nursing scholars at 140 universities. The organization helps educate nurse leaders to tackle our some of the greatest healthcare needs of our time.

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How are Scholars selected?

Based on the school’s application, Jonas awards a designated number of scholarships to each school and awards the funds for those scholarships directly to the academic institution. Geneva-Jonas Scholar candidates are submitted to and selected by Geneva’s Scientific Advisory Board.

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What does the Scholarship provide?

Scholarships provide financial assistance, leadership development, and networking in addition to professional development, media exposure, and career mentorship. Recipients of the Jonas-Geneva Scholarship receive $15,000 to be matched and distributed by their respective universities.

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