22 December 2023

5 Most Read News Stories from 2023

The end of 2023 marks a time to reflect on our accomplishments and set new goals for the future. This year, we celebrated 30 years of delivering exceptional research solutions for the military and the greater public. As an organization, we always look ahead to ensure our continued success.

2023 was not only an anniversary year but also one of growth and achievement. Together with other nonprofit foundations, we signed a Master Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (Master CRADA) with the Defense Health Agency (DHA) — a significant milestone in advancing research and development in military medicine. We opened an office in Frederick, MD, to better serve the research conducted at Fort Detrick and the National Cancer Institute. Our capabilities were leveraged in pursuing scientific advancements in other research areas, including supporting the development of a biorepository to understand musculoskeletal conditions better, advancing our CBRN knowledge, and managing a $4 million combat casualty care study.

Look at the top five most-read news stories on genevaUSA.org in 2023.


1. Geneva Principal Investigator’s Trauma Simulator to be Integrated in the Vigorous Warrior Multinational Medical Exercise Series in 2024

The most-read news story of 2023 announced that Geneva Principal Investigator Kyle Couperus, MD, and his research team at Madigan Army Medical Center will be integrating their Trauma Simulator medical simulation system for military professionals serving in high-intensity and combat environments into the 2024 Vigorous Warrior Multinational Medical Exercise Series (VW24) in Budapest, Hungary. This exercise series is organized by the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine and is one of the world’s most significant medical training events.

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2. Research Portfolio Manager Provides Programmatic Oversight and Vast Experience in Project Management: Q&A With Kaleigh Presgraves, MHA, ACHE

The second most-read news story of 2023 spotlights one of our own, Research Portfolio Manager Kaleigh Presgraves. In this Q&A, Kaleigh highlights her role at Geneva, her impact, and the experience needed to become a research portfolio manager. She also highlights a few studies conducted by Dr. Cristóbal Berry-Cabán at Womack Army Medical Center around behavioral health and sexual assault in the military.

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3. Five Years in the Making: Wearable Life-Support Vest Is Issued a Patent

Congratulations to Geneva Principal Investigator Dr. Andriy Batchinsky and the Autonomous Reanimation and Evacuation (AREVA) Research Program team for being issued a patent on their invention, the Combat Resuscitation Organ Support System (CROSS). In 2018, Dr. Batchinsky set out to introduce modern lung support and renal replacement technologies in a wearable format without mechanical ventilators. “This invention marks a critical leap towards what may be possible for future warfighters suffering critical illness or injury,” says AREVA Research Coordinator Brendan Beely.

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4. Improving Central Auditory Processing Disorder for Service Members and Veterans

We celebrated Women’s History Month in March by highlighting several female researchers. Victoria Tepe, PhD, is a senior science advisor for Geneva and a neuroscientist who supports the Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE). She has been a Geneva employee for ten years and has 30 years of experience performing biomedical and biobehavioral research in academic, medical, and military settings. Recently, she co-authored a review article of findings from other studies to describe military risk factors associated with central auditory processing disorder (CAPD).

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5. Serving the Warfighter by Enhancing Human Performance: A Q&A with FLRI Program Director Rodney Saunders, FNP-C

In February, Geneva welcomed Rodney Saunders, FNP-C, to the Fort Liberty Research Institute (FLRI) as the new Program Director. As a Project Director, Rodney leads FLRI initiatives across Ft. Liberty, including supporting the Warfighter Brain Health Initiative with the North Carolina Center for Optimizing Military Performance (NC-COMP). Rod’s primary role is to support the U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s (USASOC) Human Performance and Wellness initiative as a USU-4D Bio3 Center for Biotechnology team member.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed do not reflect the official policy of the Army, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.