Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE)

The Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE) was created in 2009 under a directive by the Department of Defense to optimize the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, mitigation and rehabilitation of hearing loss and auditory injury in U.S. service members and veterans. To enhance readiness and protect against hearing loss and auditory injuries, the HCE has developed a Collaborative Research Network, bringing together technical experts in acoustic laboratories, medical treatment facilities, and operational communities to analyze operational needs and improve primary outcomes.

The HCE approached Geneva in 2010 to serve as a research facilitator in this Collaborative Research Network. Geneva provides research support to the HCE’s Research Network locations by hiring highly trained research personnel and allowing them access to Geneva’s proven systems developed specifically for conducting research in the military environment. Geneva also connects the HCE to our existing strategic partnerships with military and research collaborators.

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