Life at Geneva

A Connection to Our Mission

Our mission is what drives us, every day.

Hear from a few employees about what it’s like working for Geneva.

The Heart of Geneva


Geneva recognizes that giving employees the ability to influence their culture is essential.

The Employee Culture Group is looking after the heart of Geneva. The volunteer committee is focused on creating engagement and team-building activities, recognition programs, and opportunities for non-work interactions. The ECG’s mission is to provide engagement opportunities for employees to connect, have fun, and create a sense of belonging to help generate enthusiasm and dedication toward The Geneva Foundation.

Everyone Counts


One of Geneva’s core values is Respect for All. We are committed to making diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging a central focus of the employee experience. As leaders in innovative military medicine, Geneva serves a diverse population globally and we seek to reflect that in our workforce and employment practices. Through peer groups, inclusive training, and cultural initiatives, we strive to foster a workplace where each of our diverse employees’ perspectives matter – believing that making connections with each other will lead to a better future for military medicine.

Geneva’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee (DEI&B) Committee is a task force of diverse employees who serve in an advisory role to integrate initiatives and ensure accountability for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Our DEI&B Guiding Principles

Helping Employees Thrive


Geneva strives to maintain and promote a safe and healthy work environment for its employees while having fun at the same time.

Geneva’s wellness volunteers initiate wellness and safety events that promote a healthy work environment and promote a work/life balance. The Wellness Committee creates awareness around issues such as stress reduction, safety and health in the workplace, mental health awareness initiatives, and inspiring ways to stay physically fit.