December 2, 2021

Geneva Implements New Photomedicine Program to Address Readiness in the Military

The translational research program is a collaboration between The Geneva Foundation, Uniformed Services University (USU), The Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF), Spaulding Rehabilitation, and Litecure (now DJO).


The Geneva Foundation (Geneva), a non-profit dedicated to advancing military medicine, announces today the implementation of a new research program called Photomedicine to Enhance Emergency Readiness to improve clinical treatments for some of the most common injuries sustained by U.S. service members. The program is federally funded by the Defense Health Agency to USU and represents a joint effort between USU, Geneva, HJF, Spaulding Rehabilitation, DJO, and The Wellman Center for Photomedicine at MGH. Geneva manages the program under a cooperative award with USU.

Emerging evidence suggests that photomedicine, or the application of light with respect to health and disease, has the potential to enhance performance, stimulate healing, and modulate recovery and health. Recent statistics suggest that current fitness and injury levels have had a significant impact on military readiness. Photomedicine data may enhance wound healing and blood flow, decrease pain, and helps modulate cellular function.

“The effects that light has on human biology has great potential to be applied in the near term to military populations to enhance human performance,” said Geneva President and CEO Elise Huszar. “Geneva is poised to leverage the infrastructure and expertise of our collaborators, with the ultimate goal of delivering clinical solutions targeted towards new military readiness treatments for our service members.”

The research program is operated within the USU Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department led by Paul Pasquina, MD, COL, USA (Ret), Department Chair. Over the four-year period of performance, the research team aims to deliver nine clinical translational projects that will enhance military performance, reduce injury rates, and harness photomedicine.

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