30 November 2021

What does it mean to give to Geneva?

A #GivingTuesday Q&A with Neil Vining, MD, MBA, Board Chair


Q: How does giving support Geneva’s mission of advancing military medicine?

A: Geneva is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has proudly advanced military medicine for the past 27+ years. Donors give to Geneva to honor those who serve and because the impact of medical research resonates with their existing concerns facing our military and the greater public. Donor support addresses critical medical activities such as COVID-19 response, supporting pilot research, advancing military nursing research, and leveraging existing partnerships.

Q: What do you think people would be surprised to learn about Geneva?

A: Geneva has contributed to significant advancements in medicine, in areas including biotechnology, trauma care, nutrition, rehabilitative medicine, and infectious diseases. While Geneva has experience in over 35 research areas, Geneva’s infectious diseases research is timely and relevant given the global COVID-19 pandemic. Geneva is currently advancing COVID-19 research in two NIH-sponsored ACTIV clinical trials to develop a monoclonal antibody protocol and blood thinners to treat COVID-19. Equally impressive is the development of next-generation biotechnologies at the USU-4DBio³ Center for Biotechnology including bioprinting onboard the International Space Station and developing on-demand blood. The impact of Geneva’s work can be felt all over the world.

Q: How does Geneva leverage donor dollars? 

A: Geneva leverages donor dollars in several ways. One example is the Discovery Fund which allows unrestricted donor contributions to be directed towards pressing research initiatives in real-time. This past year, Geneva was able to supply COVID-19 antibody test kits to a military treatment facility that provided researchers with additional tools outside of federal funding. Another example of these dollars in action is the first-ever Tri-Service Post-Operative Rehabilitation Protocol Consensus Meeting which brought together more than 50 military leaders and scientific experts within the physical therapy, orthopedics, physical medicine, and pain management fields to standardize disparate protocols for military healthcare.

Please join me in supporting Geneva on Giving Tuesday. Together, we can change history, improve lives, and honor the service of those who serve.


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