3 February 2023

Donation to Geneva Honors Dr. Charles Andersen’s Impact and Wound Care Research

Geneva recently received a generous donation to its Discovery Fund on behalf of Principal Investigator Charles Andersen, MD, FACS, MAPWCA, Chief of Vascular /Endovascular/ Limb Preservation Service at Madigan Army Medical Center’s Wound Care Clinic. The donor’s family member recently received care from Dr. Andersen and shared this heartfelt message:

“We appreciated your thoughtfulness and compassion in assessing my family member’s injury in a manner that put us at ease along with the plan moving forward with the Wound Care team,” said the donor who wished to remain anonymous. “Your calming demeanor, answering questions, sharing observations, and healing progression, were all carried out in a manner that furthered our understanding and reinforced our confidence in the care our mother would receive from you and your team.” They added, “We were also impressed that you used this time with her as teaching moments for other medical personnel, and you made the time to educate, train, and explain the nuances of wound care based on your deep knowledge and experience.”

Dr. Andersen has collaborated with Geneva for over 14 years and specializes in wound healing research. Dr. Andersen is currently studying wounds using the Snapshot NIR serial imaging tool detailing the benefits of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for wound healing and prevention. In a recent interview with his collaborator Kent Imaging, Dr. Andersen said, “Thanks to this serial imaging, we know that the wound is not only healed on the surface but healed below the surface as well.” He added, “This insight can be used as an endpoint for wound healing. With this accurate and actionable data, we have noted a lower rate of recurrence.”

His most recent case study, Vascular Screening / Pre & Post Vesicular Intervention, can be found on Kent Imaging’s website.

Geneva would like to extend our gratitude to the donor and Dr. Andersen, recognizing the care he provided and the difference he is making in the lives of patients and families every day.

Donors who give to Geneva address critical military medical activities such as infectious disease response, combat casualty care, pilot research, nursing research, and emergency medicine. Geneva’s Discovery Fund allows unrestricted donor contributions directed toward pressing research initiatives in real time. By giving to Geneva, donors honor those who serve and impact medical research concerns facing our military and the greater public.

Together, we can change history, improve lives, and honor the service of those who serve.