14 July 2022

Case Study: METRC – Major Extremity Trauma & Rehabilitation Consortium


For more than 10 years, Geneva has collaborated with the Major Extremity Trauma & Rehabilitation Consortium (METRC) to provide innovative and exceptional research solutions.

METRC was established in 2009 with funding from the Department of Defense. It consists of a network of more than 70 clinical centers, anchored by a coordinating center at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. METRC works with the DoD and other sponsors to conduct multicenter clinical research studies relevant to the treatment and outcomes of traumatic orthopaedic injuries sustained in the military. The overall goal of the Consortium is to improve the quality of life for service members and civilians who sustain trauma to the extremities.

In this Case Study, you will find:


  • The role of METRC and orthopaedic trauma research in the military
  • Geneva’s role and research solutions 
  • METRC and Geneva’s impact


The Geneva Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 1993 with the purpose to ensure optimal health for service members and the communities they serve. This purpose is accomplished through our mission to advance military medicine through research, development, and education. Geneva is proud to have almost 30 years of experience in delivering full-spectrum scientific, technical, and program management expertise in the areas of federal contracts, federal grants, and industry-sponsored clinical trials.