27 February 2020

4D Bio3 Improves Battlefield Care

Geneva’s 4D Bioprogram, in collaboration with Uniformed Services University, Safi Biosolutions, Sciperio, Advanced Bioprocess Services, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Food and Drug Administration, launched the 4D Bio3 On-Demand Blood Program to deliver on-demand blood and revolutionize military trauma care. Blood transfusions used in trauma care are currently obtained from human donors and are reliant on donor health and long-term storage. The program’s innovative biotechnology has improved large-scale cell expansion at a low cost resulting in the production of sufficient red blood cells for those injured on the battlefield. Due to the capabilities of the 4D Bio3 On-Demand Blood Program, medical professionals will be able to perform transfusions in austere environments and generate donor-less red blood cells on-site.

Director of 4D Bio3, Chair of Radiology at Uniformed Services University, and Geneva’s 2017 Researcher of the Year Dr. Vincent Ho notes: “Ensuring the health and readiness of our warfighters is becoming increasingly challenging with our changing global threats that typically require our service members to operate in austere environments and under very extreme conditions. Adaptation of novel biotechnology for use near the point-of-need can provide the solutions necessary to make certain that our warfighters are prepared and also provided the best healthcare, regardless of their location.”

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*Photo credit: Sciperio. Precision and controlled microdispensing of bioinks for bioprint/reactor in blood fabrication process.

4D Bio3 On-Demand Blood Program