Jeff Watts, MBA, CFA

Jeff Watts, MBA, CFA, CPA (inactive) is an advisor, mentor, and board member primarily for non-profit organizations. Mr. Watts is the Chairman of the Board for Rain Incubator in Tacoma, WA.

Mr. Watts has 30+ years’ experience working in the private equity investment industry as well as experience in banking, consulting, systems, and auditing. He worked for such companies as Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, Northern Trust, Union Bank of California-Union Venture, Washington State Investment Board, Russell Investment Group, Thomas Capital Group, and Top Tier Capital Partners. His experience is primarily in finance, investing, business development, and management.   

Throughout his career, Mr. Watts served on the board of several companies such as CHI Franciscan Hospital Foundation, Franke Tobey Jones, Multicare-Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare, FUMC, RAIN Biotech Incubator, and Tacoma Art Museum. 

Mr. Watts earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Cell Biology as well as his MBA from the University of Michigan. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), as well as a CPA (inactive).