27 October 2020

USU-4D Bio3 Expands Facility to Accommodate On-Demand Blood Program

On-demand blood will enable military medical professionals the access to quality blood supplies from anywhere in the world.

The Geneva Foundation (Geneva) announces today the expansion of the 4-Defense Biotechnology, Biomanufacturing and Bioprinting Center (4D Bio3) program, a federally-funded partnership based at the Uniformed Services University (USU) and administered by Geneva, with the addition of 4,037 square feet at its offsite facility to support the On-Demand Blood program (ODB).

The USU-4D Bio3 On-Demand Blood program was established to provide military service members access to quality, non-contaminated, fresh blood supplies anywhere in the world. The unique capabilities of the ODB program will enable medical professionals the ability to generate fresh red blood cells onsite and perform transfusions in austere environments.

The USU-4D Bio3 facility is currently 10,267 square foot and includes a biofabrication suite, tissue culture room, bioreactor and sensor facility, biotechnology incubator suite, medical/surgical simulation room, and distance education and training facility. The facility also functions as an innovation space for 4D Bio3 to collaborate with other public-private partners in biotechnology, biomanufacturing, and bioprinting. Additional programs at the Center include Fabrication in Austere Environments (FAME) which supports the exploration of austere manufacturing at the point of need and an Education and Training Center designed to train military scientists and technicians to fill current and future DoD workforce requirements in biotechnology.

“Getting the technology into the hands of the warfighter in real environments is a key resource that drives this program, such as our previous deployments on the International Space Station and to the desert in 2019,” said Geneva President & CEO Elise Huszar. “These proof-of-concept deployments with our DoD partners tackle the logistical and supply chain barriers of biotechnology in the austere operating environment and provide the operator with the necessary training and certifications in their use.”

The goal of USU-4D Bio3 is to accelerate government/military partnerships with academia and industry to rapidly translate solutions for the warfighter and the global health community. Led by Dr. Vincent Ho, Chair and Professor of Radiology at USU, the vision of the USU-4D Bio3 Center is to be a leading Department of Defense (DoD) resource for innovation, integration, and application of technologies.

The ODB Program is a collaboration between USU, Geneva, Sciperio, Advanced Bioprocess Systems, Massachusetts General Hospital, Safi Biosolutions, and Deverra Therapeutics. The program is managed by Geneva through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between Geneva and USU. Geneva’s experienced teams of scientists and program administrators drive innovation to leverage the diversity of the biotechnology center’s capabilities. The ODB blood product line is comprised of cell production, hardware development, and product translation working groups. The inaugural program of On-Demand Blood also includes a Federal Strategic Council with members from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), NASA, DoD, and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

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