20 January 2023

TriService Nursing Research Program Celebrates 30 Years

The TriService Nursing Research Program’s (TSNRP) 30th Anniversary Supplement provides a history of TSNRP, and features articles of demonstrable military nursing research and evidence-based practice and the TSNRP research interest groups innovative projects.

TSNRP is the only Department of Defense program that funds military nursing research and evidence-based practice. TSNRP also provides educational programs for nurse researchers, mentorship for nurse scientists among six military nursing research interest groups. Award determinations undergo a rigorous scientific evaluation with final determinations made by the TSNRP Executive Board of Directors comprised of the Nurse Corps Chiefs.

In 1992, Congress appropriated $1 million for military nursing research. The 1996 U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Authorization Act authorized the TSNRP as part of the DoD health care program, established at the Uniformed Services University. At that time, TSNRP was appropriated $5M in funds for research. Since 1992, TSNRP has funded more than 500 grants, creating evidence to support changes to the military health system, clinical practice, education, and policies across the three military services.

In 1996, The Geneva Foundation received its first nursing research grants from TSNRP. These grants were Geneva’s first federally-funded research programs and launched a rewarding collaboration with the nursing researchers at Madigan Army Medical Center that continues to this day. Since that time, Geneva has remained committed to military nursing research in a broad spectrum of military treatment facilities across the nation.

In 2019, Geneva assumed a program management role over TSNRP under a cooperative development agreement with the Uniformed Services University. Today, Geneva provides advances the mission of TSNRP through full-time dedicated program support staff, full-time evidence-based practice facilitators, and full life-cycle award management.

The 30th Anniversary Supplement: Thirty Years of Fostering Excellence in Military Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice was published in the November-December 2022 Nursing Outlook and was edited by Bonnie M. Jennings, PhD, FAAN, Colonel U.S. Army (Ret) and Barbra S. Turner, PhD, Colonel U.S. Army (Ret).

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