27 April 2020

Laboratory Manager Dan Wendorff Recognized for Dedication to Geneva’s Mission and Core Values

Q1 Wave the Flag Recipient Dan Wendorff

Thank you Laboratory Manager Dan Wendorff at Brooks City-Base for your outstanding service and dedication to Geneva’s core values and mission!

Excerpts from his nomination state:

“Dan regularly goes above and beyond the nature of the work to ensure that things are not only accomplished but are also done so as effectively and efficiently as possible. His professionalism and commitment to excellence permeate the work site, and he fosters an environment of continual growth and improvement. Dan is extraordinarily passionate about this work, about his co-worker’s success, and the outcome of the research we conduct.”

Congratulations to Dan and all of the Q1 2020 nominees:

  • Denise Casson, Travel Agent, Corporate Headquarters
  • Kasey Zink, Grants & Contracts Manager, Corporate Headquarters
  • Jessica Gore, Executive Assistant, Corporate Headquarters

Geneva’s Wave the Flag award is a peer-to-peer recognition program that seeks to acknowledge employee excellence. Employees are nominated based on the demonstration of Geneva’s core values and mission of promoting and supporting the advancement of military medicine. The award is given quarterly throughout the year.