June 6, 2018

Geneva Launches Fort Bragg Research Institute Program

Geneva is proud to announce the launch of its newest program, the Fort Bragg Research Institute (FBRI). The FBRI was established to link the infrastructure of science and technology regionally available to Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) and the increasing needs of operational readiness at Fort Bragg, NC. This alliance was brought about by three important factors.

First, the Cape Fear Research Consortium (CFRC) was created in 2016 to align local institutions and create opportunities for collaborative research. CFRC has since partnered with Womack Army Medical Center, Fayetteville State University, Methodist University, Campbell University, Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville Veterans Administration Center, North Carolina Military Business Center, Cape Fear Valley Health System, and the Southern Region Area Health Education Center. In addition, the U.S. Army Medical Command authorized the creation of five new physician training programs within the Army. Four of these programs will take place at WAMC to include General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Internal Medicine. Each program is particularly relevant for the Warfighter, will enhance additional surgical and medical sub-specialists, and requires a research component for completion. Lastly, Fort Bragg is a site that hosts soldiers, deployments, operation subject matter experts, and integral personnel such as molecular biologists, infectious disease specialists, preventative medicine and sports medicine experts, and biostatisticians. This makes it particularly qualified as a Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) platform.

The FBRI is in position to accomplish the RDT&E mission, support ongoing research interests of WAMC and Fort Bragg scientists and clinicians, and enhance the operational readiness of our service members. Geneva’s partnership with WAMC will be crucial in achieving these goals in the FBRI. Ultimately, Geneva looks forward to pursuing grants and supporting the FBRI’s goals to further its mission of optimizing military performance through scientific innovation.