13 September 2022

Ernesto Tusa Celebrated For Innovation and Inspiration

2022 Q2 Wave the Flag Winner

Geneva recognizes excellence in employees who go above and beyond the normal scope of their work while demonstrating Geneva’s core values and advancing military medicine. The Wave the Flag award is presented quarterly to an employee who exceeds expectations and exhibits Geneva’s core values which are Innovation, Quality, Superior Customer Service, Integrity, Teamwork, and Respect for All.

The 2022 Q2 Wave the Flag recipient was awarded to Senior Research Portfolio Manager Ernesto Tusa based in San Antonio, TX. Ernesto was nominated by his colleague Caitlin Cansler, for exhibiting Geneva’s core value of innovation.

“Ernesto synthesizes ideas and next steps effectively and always allows the opportunity for input and healthy discussion,” said Caitlin Cansler. “His excellent communication, positive attitude, and ability to think outside the box have driven much of the progress of our new systems and organizational structure. Not only that, but Ernesto consistently demonstrates leadership and is an inspiration to others. He consistently goes above and beyond his job expectations to ensure team happiness, pilot success, systems improvement, and, in turn, Geneva’s success.”

Congratulations to Ernesto and the other Q2 nominees!

Janine Fisher, Senior Grants & Contracts Financial Analyst, Corporate – Tacoma, WA

Ronnie (Dean) Parrish, Mobile Software Developer, TATRC South – Fort Gordan, GA

photo of Ernesto Tusa