19 September 2022

Celebrating Army MSG (Ret) Ed Kensinger’s 20-Year Inspiring Career at Geneva

A Q&A with Program Manager Ed Kensinger


#TeamGeneva is a group of people who share Geneva’s core values of innovation, quality, superior customer service, integrity, teamwork, and respect for all. This is what sets Geneva apart and people like Program Manager Ed Kensinger turn those values into action.

Geneva was created in response to a need 29 years ago – a need to provide military medical researchers and clinicians with the resources necessary to improve the lives of our nation’s service members and their families.

Army Veteran MSG (Ret) Ed Kensinger joined Geneva in 2002 as a Theater Medical Information Program Testbed Manager at Fort Gordon, GA. In this capacity, Kensinger was responsible for capturing clinical data from austere environments where the armed forces conducted their operations. In 2005, the Testbed Program joined the Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) Digital Health Innovation Center (DHIC) as TATRC South at Fort Gordon, GA and where he now serves as a program manager.

“I have enjoyed working with Ed over the past couple of years as he has taken on the role as on-site lead for the Geneva team at Ft. Gordon,” says Geneva’s Director of Award Management Melissa Beale. “He is always incredibly supportive of the team and responsive to their needs.” Beale added, “They know they can rely on him, and has been a great mentor and role model to all of them. He is the epitome of our core values and his commitment to the mission shines through in all that he does.”

He recently shared his thoughts about his 20-year career with Geneva.

Please tell us a little more about the work you do.

Ed: My role is to be the local lead for our Geneva team as well as perform project management activities that are related to the conduct of performing healthcare in austere environments.  I also serve as our liaison to the Army Cyber Battle Laboratory which tests and helps support the technology that enhances the abilities of our first responders such as network communications for the warfighter and live demonstrations, battle command technology assessments, and provides modeling and simulation to support communications network and system performance analysis.

What excites you about your work?

Ed: The most exciting aspect of my job is that I can contribute to improving healthcare outcomes for our beneficiaries across the entire enterprise of the Defense Health Agency. The ability to experiment with new technologies that may improve outcomes, improve processes, or save money is very rewarding.

What recent work can you share that you are most proud of?

Ed: One of my most rewarding projects was with the Cyber Battle Lab. We placed a secure Wi-Fi connection in a combat support hospital. This demonstration showed the benefit of this wireless connection. After the experiment, we gave the equipment to the combat support hospital who then used it during a humanitarian mission after a hurricane in the Caribbean.

What is it about Geneva that has encouraged a long career supporting the mission of advancing military medicine through research, development, and education?

Ed: Geneva has always provided the military medical community with the resources that they require to conduct lifesaving research. This support has included personnel, research expertise, contracting assistance, and leadership guidance. I am a retired medical soldier, and the reason I have stayed so long is this position has given me the opportunity to continue to serve my nation in a position that makes a difference to those who require healthcare.

Thank you for dedicating 20 amazing years of work to Geneva, Ed. Your work inspires us all to give our best.

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