July 29, 2019

4D Bio3 Visits nScrypt and Techshot

Client Relationship Manager Kelli Blaize-Wise of The Geneva Foundation (Geneva) and Dr. Vincent B. Ho of Uniformed Services University (USU) recently visited the nScrypt Headquarters in Orlando, FL. They were joined by 4D Bio3 collaborators Mr. Ken Church (nScrypt) and Ms. Beth Brownell (nScrypt) for a tour of the headquarters and an exclusive, up-close look at the Austere Printer. The Austere Printer is a light weight, ruggedized bioprinter that is shrouded by a protective local environment for bioprinting in challenging conditions.

The group also visited the TechShot headquarters in Cape Canaveral, FL, where the Austere Biofabrication Facility (BFF) is located, and attended the Space X CRS-18 Cargo Launch, which is scheduled to transport the BFF and the Austere Printer to the International Space Station (ISS) for the first ever biofabrication of heart tissue in space.

The creation of the Austere Printer and BFF were funded through collaborations between the USU, TechShot, and nScrypt. This collaborative program aims to create real time solutions to medical and operational emergencies to the warfighter in multiple austere environments. This program represents one of many fruitful collaborations between DoD and Industry partners working together to advance military medicine.

*Photo Above Left – Right: Rich Bolling (Techshot), Kelli Blaize-Wise (Geneva), Dr. Vincent Ho (USU), Ken Church (nScrypt), Gene Boland (Techshot), and John Vellinger (Techshot).