July 20, 2018

Q2 Wave the Flag Recipient

This quarter’s recipient is Melinda Metzger-Abamukong, Clinical Research Coordinator. Thank you for your outstanding service and dedication to Geneva’s core values and mission!

An excerpt from her nomination states:

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Melinda during a site visit to WBAMC and previously as a co-worker at SAMMC. She should be recognized for years of dedication as a Geneva employee and quality of her work. It’s hard to pick just one core value she demonstrates best because she demonstrates all our core values. I selected “quality” because in research this is so important and hard to find in a coordinator. Melinda has taken over numerous studies that required her hard work and her research knowledge to correct and provide reliable results.”

“Melinda works independent in a setting that allows for a lot of autonomy. She values her job and her responsibilities and you see that because she provides the highest quality of work I have seen from a coordinator in a long time.”

“From day 1 of coming on board, Melinda was willing to go above and beyond with incredible flexibility. After she started we discovered that another employee had been doing a poor job of managing a PI initiated study. Even though it was not Mel’s responsibility, she dove into performing an audit of the other employee’s work which took a lot of her time. Once we realized how much needed to be done on that study, she took over the lead role completely and worked hand in hand with sponsor to get everything back on track. Her knowledge and ability to make critical decisions were invaluable and allowed us to salvage as much data as we possibly could.”

The Geneva Foundation’s Wave the Flag Award is a peer-to-peer recognition program that seeks to acknowledge employee excellence. Employees are nominated based on demonstration of Geneva’s core values and mission of promoting and supporting the advancement of military medicine. The Award is given quarterly throughout the year.