Judd Walson, MD, MPH

Dr. Judd Walson is a member of The Geneva Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Associate Professor
Departments of Global Health, Medicine (Infectious Disease), Pediatrics and Epidemiology
University of Washington
Area of Expertise: Infectious Diseases

Dr. Judd Walson is a faculty member at the University of Washington in the Departments of Global Health, Internal Medicine (Infectious Disease), Pediatrics, and Epidemiology. Dr. Walson conducts clinical trials evaluating interventions to improve child survival and early childhood development. He is currently coordinating several trials examining the impact and management of respiratory and enteric pathogens on child growth and survival,particularly among malnourished children. In addition, he is also coordinating several studies to determine the feasibility of interrupting the transmission of parasitic worms. Dr. Walson has lived in worked in many international settings, including Kenya, Thailand and Nepal. In addition to clinical epidemiology, Dr. Walson is the co-Director of the Strategic Analysis, Research and Training Program (START) at the University of Washington.