David Shoultz, PhD, MBA

Dr. David Shoultz is a member of The Geneva Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Vice President & Head, PPD, Inc.
Areas of Expertise: Epidemiology, Global Health, Infectious Diseases, Public Health

Dr. David Shoultz is the Vice President & Head for PPD, Inc. In this role, he is focused on drug development consulting. Prior to this position, Dr. Shoultz served as the Program Leader of PATH’s Drug Development Program where he directed work across the drug development portfolio and provided support and strategic input to PATH’s product development leadership team. Additionally, Dr. Shoultz was the Director of Grantee & Partner Engagement and a member of the Leadership Team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In this position, he led a team that focused on strengthening the foundation’s relationships with its partner organizations to achieve maximum impact. While at the Gates Foundation, Dr. Shoultz also served as a Deputy Director in the foundation’s Global Health Program, was the relationship manager for PATH, and served as board member at OneWorld Health, the drug development affiliate of PATH.

Dr. Shoultz received his Bachelor’s degree, MS, and PhD from the University of Washington, and his MBA is from the Albers School of Business & Economics at Seattle University, where he is a faculty member in the Executive MBA Program. For the past 14 years, he has been a member of the affiliate faculty for the departments of Global Health and Epidemiology at the University of Washington. In addition to serving on Geneva’s Board of Directors, Dr. Shoultz was the inaugural Chair of Geneva’s Scientific Advisory Board, and currently serves as an active member.

Prior to joining the foundation, Dr. Shoultz worked as a member of the senior management team for a number of clinical research organizations, participating in the development of new medicines, including PPD, PRA International, and Biomedical Systems.

Dr. Shoultz is also on the Board of Directors of The Geneva Foundation.