Brigadier General (Ret.) John J. Donnelly, PhD

Dr. John Donnelly is a member of The Geneva Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board.


Global Healing

Area of Expertise: Vaccine Research and Development

Dr. Donnelly is the President of Global Healing, an international NGO that improves pediatric standards of care in cardiac surgery, oncology, emergency medicine, and intensive care, and improvements in blood safety, through training and assistance projects in developing countries worldwide. Dr. Donnelly has more than 25 years’ experience in vaccine research and development including product registration, late stage development projects, early stage development projects, and vaccine discovery. Prior to his role as President of Global Healing, Dr. Donnelly served as Interim Director of the Vaccine Development Global Program at PATH. He is retired from the US Army Reserve, where he served for 30 years as a Medical Service Corps officer, with deployments to Saudi Arabia and Iraq.