Clinical Trials Director

Megan Wiese is the Clinical Trials Director for The Geneva Foundation. “I am proud to be a part of Geneva’s team where I am responsible for oversight of the clinical trials teams conducting industry sponsored research at our military treatment facilities with The Geneva Foundation. My goal is to provide an elite team of experienced professionals to manage, coordinate, and execute quality trial support for our investigators and sponsors. Having worked in the clinical trials industry in the private sector for many years, I did not appreciate the range of opportunities industry sponsors have when working with our military physicians. I’ve been so impressed with the interactions I’ve had with our military investigators and appreciate the dedication they have to the integrity of their research. Equally impressive is the compliance of the patients in the research trials. I look forward to educating pharmaceutical sponsors on the extensive patient populations that can be reached when working with our dedicated military physicians.

Additionally, being part of this company holds a personal meaning to me. I began my research career as a Research Assistant in 1993 for a Site Management Organization run by Geneva’s founder, Jane Taylor. The same year, Jane started The Geneva Foundation with a few of the employees that are still with her today. The wealth of research experience at Geneva is incomparable to most organizations and I am proud to be a part of it!”

Megan Wiese, Clinical Trials Director
The Geneva Foundation Corporate Office, Tacoma, WA
Geneva Team Member Since: 2012