Reserve funds allow Geneva to designate donations, honoraria, grants, and funds from clinical trials to support research and education. These funds can be gifted to the department for research or education-related purposes including travel to meetings and conferences, travel arrangements for an outside speaker/collaborator to visit your site, article publication fees, educational event support, and small equipment purchases, unless otherwise specified by a grant. Funds are disbursed in a manner that is outlined by both military regulations and grant or donor requirements.

To initiate the gifting process utilizing reserve funds, the Gift Opportunity form and/or the Travel Information Gift form must be completed and submitted to Geneva. We ask for a four week lead time on all travel gifts and six week lead time on all non-travel gifts.

When establishing or updating contact information listed to reserve funds, a Contact Information form must be completed and submitted to Geneva. Please note that only the Point of Contact and Acknowledging Authority can receive specific reserve fund information, including allowable gifting amounts.