Clinical trials play an important role in the development of products to treat chronic and degenerative diseases and improve the health of people around the world. In some cases, alternative treatments or therapies may only be available to a patient population through the Investigator’s participation in clinical trials.

The Geneva Foundation facilitates collaboration between Industry sponsors and military Investigators for the conduct of FDA-regulated clinical trials in Military Treatment Facilities across the United States. Geneva has conducted over 700 clinical trials by collaborating with more than 250 Investigators at over 15 Military Treatment Facilities. Geneva has developed strong relationships with research organizations and continues to pursue collaborations with sponsors and CROs. We have conducted research in more than 20 therapeutic areas and over 120 indications across these locations.

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The Geneva Foundation connects pharmaceutical, device & biotechnology sponsors of clinical trials to qualified Principal Investigators in order to facilitate the successful execution of Phase I-IV clinical trials within the military medical system nationwide.

The Geneva Foundation’s research partners have reported that working with the military medical community offers access to a highly diverse patient population, increased patient compliance and retention, comprehensive onsite support services, and electronic health records.

Geneva’s services in support of sponsor-initiated research include:

  • Negotiating and executing the Clinical Trial Agreement and the CRADA
  • Coordinating budget development and providing financial management
  • Providing trained Clinical Research Coordinator support in collaboration with the Investigator
  • Providing ongoing project management oversight and support
  • Assisting with the regulatory package preparation, submission, continued documentation and compliance
  • Coordinating subject enrollment and clinical conduct in support of the protocol
  • Ensuring compliance with FDA regulations and GCPs
  • Managing the study close-out and financial reconciliation

Geneva seeks funding from pharmaceutical, biotech, device companies, foundations, and societies to support the financial needs of Investigator-initiated clinical research projects.

The Geneva Foundation has supported over 100 Investigator-initiated clinical research projects. Investigator-initiated projects are clinical protocols developed by the Investigator at the site. Many protocols require extramural funding to support their successful conduct.

Geneva works closely with the researcher to:

  • Develop the budget and ascertain resources required to complete the study
  • Identify the appropriate funding source through tailored funding opportunity searches
  • Provide trained Clinical Research Coordinator support in collaboration with the Investigator
  • Negotiate and execute the Clinical Trial Agreement and CRADA
  • Procure necessary equipment, supplies, and travel in a timely manner
  • Facilitate, prepare, and submit required reports to the sponsor
  • Ensure compliance with FDA regulations and GCPs
  • Provide ongoing project and financial management through study completion