Fort Bragg Research Institute (FBRI)

FBRI supports innovative medical research toward optimizing military human performance. The institute works with warfighting commands to ensure that their needs, gaps, and requirements are vigorously and comprehensively addressed by the scientific community, thereby reducing redundant effort and, perhaps more importantly, ensuring that research funds are invested wisely.

FBRI was formed in 2018 as a collaborative effort between Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, and The Geneva Foundation. Capitalizing on the combined strength of those organizations along with local, regional, and state partners, FBRI provides world-class research support focused on the operational needs of the warfighter.

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FBRI Leadership

Meet FBRI’s Executive Director LTC (Ret.) Stephen M. DeLellis

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FBRI and Geneva are honored to be a founding member of the North Carolina Center for Optimizing Military Performance (NC-COMP). NC-COMP is comprised of more than 90 North Carolina-based academic, industry, nonprofit, and state government organizations, in collaboration with the DoD operational units and funding agencies, in order to deliver world-class human performance solutions to the DoD.