The mission of the Fort Bragg Research Institute is to optimize military performance through scientific innovation by providing assistance to Fort Bragg investigators and their collaborators.

Fort Bragg Research Institute

The Fort Bragg Research Institute (FBRI) originated from the recognized need to link the vast infrastructure of science and technology regionally available to Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) with the growing needs of operational readiness for Fort Bragg, NC. Areas of research interest include biomarker discovery for mild traumatic brain injury, machine learning to assist medics in accurate field diagnosis of conditions such as fractures and pending vascular compromise, real-time genetic sequencing to diagnose infectious agents, non-invasive neurosensory technology to automate combat casualty care records, and miniaturized and “ruggedized” bio-warfare detection.

FBRI Research Programs

Geneva’s research staff, principal investigators, and collaborating partners support FBRI studies within the fields of neurology, women’s health, pain management, and more.

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FBRI overview