Congrats, MS. Kathy Carey!

Ms. Kathy Carey serves as an Project Director at the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center in Texas.

She fully exhibits all of Geneva’s core values which include: integrity, superior customer service, quality, teamwork, innovation and respect for all. Below are excerpts provided from her nomination:

“Ms. Carey possesses the highest level of integrity, she is a role model to others.”

“Ms. Carey exceeded the expectation by completing recruitment of subjects ahead of schedule. Initiative and enthusiasm to get job done is outstanding”

“She cares about the project and her contribution to it.”

“The data obtained from the hydrocodone single does study project led to abstract submission to the International Narcotics Research Conference 2012 and to ATACCC 2012. Ms Carey’s efforts have significantly contributed to promoting the advancement of military medicine.”

Thank you, Kathy, for your talent, enthusiasm, and hard work! We value your exemplary contribution to Geneva’s mission!

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