Developing Hantavirus DNA Vaccines in Chicago

22 & 23 March

hantavirus DNA vaccines

Geneva’s Federal Acquisition Program Manager, Genevieve Long, and Principal Investigator, Dr. Amy Shurtleff, are traveling to Chicago, IL to view the start of testing on newly developed Hantavirus DNA vaccines. Hantaviruses are carried by persistently-infected rodents and are transmitted by exposure to rodent excreta. At least four Hantaviruses are known to cause thousands of cases of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) each year and these vaccines in development are aimed at preventing two of them: Hantaan (HTNV) and Puumala (PUUV).

If these studies are successful, the Hantavirus DNA vaccines will move into Phase I human clinical trials for FDA approval and marketing.

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