9 June 2017

Regional Grants & Contracts Director Kelly Lehner and Eastern Region Client Relationship Manager Kelli Blaize-Wise represented Geneva at the Alan Magill Malaria Symposium, on 9 June at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

The Geneva Foundation was honored to support the Alan Magill Malaria Symposium, held on 9 June at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, again this year. Malaria is the number one infectious disease threat as defined in the National Security Strategy with additional recent threat assessments. Malaria has remained a significant threat to U.S. military operations for over 240 years. The Magill Symposium helps spark collaboration that lead to co-funded research for malaria prevention and production of needed drugs and eventual vaccine for prophylaxis and treatment of military Service Members.

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Those in uniform from left to right – LTC Moon, LTC Waters, LTC Kreishman-Detrick. Others include Kelly Lehner (2nd from the left), Kelli Blaize-Wise (2nd from the right), the president of the Society of Tropical Medicine.



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