Congratulations, Justine Berry!

13 February 2018

Thank you Justine berry for your outstanding service and dedication to Geneva’s core values and mission!

Justine Berry, A Procurement specialist at geneva’s corporate office, WAS NOMINATED BY fellow procurement specialist denise casson. THE AWARD WAS PRESENTED AT geneva BY geneva’s founder jane taylor.

An excerpt from her nomination states:

“Justine constantly goes above and beyond what is expected of her when placing orders, successfully bidding and completing complicated purchases from both domestic and international vendors, in a timely and thorough manner. She answers all queries intelligently, both in-house and when speaking with researchers, assuring all jobs will be completed with the highest integrity. Her organization and flexibility contribute to her continuous successes, as she is easily able to adjust and adhere to federal guidelines, and her contributions are always valued for their critical merit.

Her work always reflects Geneva’s highest standards and values, so that all of those who interact with her can feel confident that their mission is both held in the highest value and assuredly successful.

Justine is a pleasure to work with, but not just because she is a great person. She always displays an exemplary sense of teamwork and commitment to Geneva’s mission, the researchers and staff, and all those she works with.”

The Geneva Foundation’s Wave the Flag Award is a peer-to-peer recognition program that seeks to acknowledge employee excellence. Employees are nominated based on demonstration of Geneva’s core values and mission of promoting and supporting the advancement of military medicine. The Award is given quarterly throughout the year.

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