Congrats, Stephanie Deleon!

Stephanie Deleon


Stephanie Deleon

“During my recent maternity leave, Stephanie took on the leadership role for the department. Over the course of three months, she not only fulfilled her role as Clinical Research Coordinator and ensured the quality of her assigned studies, but she also took on my role as Program Manager, to include my assigned studies, training of new personnel, and administrative duties. She continued to promote a teamwork-driven workplace while ensuring continued quality of the research studies managed by the department. Upon my return, I have heard nothing but praise for Stephanie’s work from various people including all of the orthopedic surgeons that work with our department. In fact, her display of leadership has prompted professional development discussions to promote continued growth. Her work has always displayed Geneva’s values, but this truly gave her an opportunity to shine. She stood up to the task and managed with the utmost professionalism.”

“Stephanie has been a wonderful addition to our METRC team at SAMMC. In addition to helping on METRC, she supports trials in CTD and Miranda Bethay’s portfolio as well. I am always impressed by her ability to gracefully juggle so many different programs at once. She makes it look so easy, but I know that her strong organizational skills and work ethic contribute greatly to her success.

During Michelle’s absence, Stephanie stepped in to fill big shoes and did an amazing job. She was always willing to help out whenever she could, no matter what type of assistance was needed. It seems like no matter how good of a maternity coverage plan you may have, unexpected tasks and “other duties as assigned” always seem to come up, and Stephanie was willing to help with it all.

These past couple months have really been a tremendous team effort for the orthopedics department at SAMMC, and I’m so thankful Stephanie was able to lead our team in these efforts.”

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