Congrats, Dr. Victoria Tepe!

Victoria Tepe 2016 Q1 Wave the Flag


Dr. Victoria Tepe

“In addition to her normally assigned duties as a Geneva Research Portfolio Manager for the Department of Defense (DoD) Hearing Center of Excellence, Dr. Victoria Tepe has volunteered her time to the DoD Executive Agent for Medical Research for Prevention, Mitigation and Treatment of Blast Injury.

Dr. Tepe has also participated and committed her time to the 2015 International State-of-the-Science (SoS) Meeting on, “Does Repeated Blast-Related Trauma Contribute to the Development of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)?”. Her contributions to this meeting will help shape future research that will investigate the association between blast-related trauma, neurodegeneration, and CTE.
As a member of the SoS Meeting Planning Committee, Dr. Tepe has shared her expertise and aid in the selection of presentation topics, meeting discussions, and expert panel members. She also contributed to a scientific forum which encouraged information exchange between researchers working to identify knowledge gaps related to repeated blast related trauma and CTE, while also providing recommendations for addressing these gaps. These recommendations will focus the DoD’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) programs by promoting greater coordination of research activities for the identification of the mechanisms leading to blast-related neurodegeneration and strategies for early diagnosis and treatment, and by fostering greater levels of information sharing in support of these efforts.
Dr. Tepe’s contributions will translate into enhanced protection, treatment, and mitigation of chronic TBI by providing more accurate methods and tools for assessing the impact and health outcomes of blast exposures experienced by our nation’s service members.

*A letter of commendation dated 08 February 2016 was received from the U.S. Army Surgeon General, Lieutenant General Nadja Y. West regarding Dr. Tepe’s participation in the SoS Planning Committee and meeting.”

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