Congrats, Edward Kensinger!

Edward Kensinger

Mr. Edward Kensinger

Congratulations to Geneva’s 2015 Q3 Wave the Flag Recipient, Edward Kensinger!

“Mr. Edward Kensinger has worked tirelessly to establish partnerships and execute a series of demonstrations using the XIRUSS WiFi system and the Vocera communication badges in an operational environment. This effort is significant, as it directly addresses a known communication and recall capability gap that exists in the operational environment today.

His endeavors between April-June 2015 have demonstrated a level of dedication and determination that goes above and beyond the normal workday expectations. He has fostered strong team work with the US Army Cyber Command CDID Experimentation Division (formerly the Fort Gordon Battle Lab), the Regional Training Site Medical, Fort Gordon, MC4, DCDD, and the 14th CSH. In the month May he provided an exceptional demonstration of this technology at the TATRC Open House at Fort Detrick, and then immediately traveled to Fort Benning for a communication exercise which was a precursor to a more robust exercise later in May at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Ft Polk, Louisiana. This entire endeavor meant that Mr. Kensinger was away from home for the majority of the month, including weekends, and worked under some less that optimal weather conditions. In one instance, while at the JRTC, the CSH had to be relocated due to heavy rains, and Mr. Kensinger spearheaded an effort to relocate and establish the WiFi communications in a matter of hours. In addition to his hands on engagement, he has also continued to build goodwill between TATRC and other key organizations to ensure that the knowledge gleaned from these exercises will be shared with future requirements and policy agencies. Mr. Kensinger is dual hatted, supporting both MHIC and the Operational sections of TATRC, and executes his duties in an exemplary fashion.

Mr. Kensinger has continually served in an exceptional manner as the TATRC Operational Telemedicine Lab Primary Liaison with the Cyber Command CDID Experimentation Division with such projects as coordination for military satellite communications, the Medical Command and Control Telemedicine Special Medical Response Capability, and development of a cross domain solution to enable medical records information generated and/or transmitted on classified tactical networks to be uploaded via the unclassified military internet to AHLTATheater and the Theater Medical Data Store, the current theater-based military medical record system.”

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