Congrats, Margherita Person!

Congratulations to Geneva’s 2015 Q1 Wave the Flag Recipient, Margherita Person! 

“Margherita Person is one of the most outgoing and personable people I have ever encountered. Margherita joined the Geneva Foundation in October 2012 as a research assistant but with little to no research experience. She has always known how to make friends and business relationships anywhere. Thanks to Margherita, our team was able to gain solid and supportive access to recruitment sites all over Fort Hood. She officially became the Team Lead in June 2014, but due to a deficit in site management, she has also taken over the roles and responsibilities of Project Manager/Director/Site Principal Investigator. She has been personally responsible for our team having the firm footing and support we have from the Administration and staff at the Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic on Fort Hood, Texas. She has become an expert of not just the recruitment and protocol processes, but how to network successfully with everyone she meets, whether it is military command, IRB personnel, the librarians at CRDAMC, or anyone else who happens along her path.
Margherita is a true leader. She is a strong believer in open and honest communication as the foundation of a solid team. That belief, while not only a huge change from past leadership, has earned the trust and respect of the team and surrounding support. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of and that things are done right. She is a truly special human being and deserves to be recognized.”


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