Congrats, Karol Barstow!

Congratulations to Geneva’s 2014 Q2 Wave the Flag Recipient, Karol Barstow!

“Karol has been a loyal employee of The Geneva Foundation since 2005. She continually goes over and above in her responsibilities as Program Manager for the busiest clinic in the entire Clinical Trials Department. This past quarter a key member of her team was out on medical leave for an extended period of time and Karol managed to oversee all of her coworker’s trials and successfully maintain her own. Not only did she maintain the trials, but she met revenue goals for both her and the CRC on her own. Even though she was extremely busy, she found time to listen to her patients’ stories. She knows so much about each one of them!

Additionally, Karol never stops until the work is done without complaining. She has a trial that requires patients be in the clinic from 6AM until after midnight and she stays at the clinic the entire time to make sure the work gets done and her patients are comfortable. She is by far a worthy candidate for Wave the Flag and displays all of Geneva’s core values in her daily work.”

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