Congrats, Krystal Valdez-Delgado!

Congratulations to Geneva’s Q2 Wave The Flag winner, Krystal Valdez-Delgado!

Krystal has been with The Geneva Foundation since 2012 as a Research Coordinator at the US Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR). Below is an excerpt from her nomination:

“Ms Delgado became instrumental in managing the Preceptor Program for the entire Army Burn Center. She started as the Project Coordinator for our TSNRP grant in a sprint due to the significant clinical impact of the large nursing turnover in 2012. She rapidly assimilated the materials needed to begin data collection during the influx of new staff so that valuable information was not lost. Her impressive orgainzational skills facilitated the generation and update of mutiple data collection forms, databases, and collection of baseline information from our staff nurses.

Krystal brings a number of unique skills to this project, elements of research coordination that we underestimated during our planning phase. Krystal is the glue that keeps our project on track..”

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